Ace of Hearts Ranch

Beach Rides

Fulfill your fantasy while riding on one of the most pristine beaches in the world with the Kennedy Space Center in the backdrop! Enjoy horseback riding on the Canaveral National Seashore where nature and technology exist side by side. Experienced riders please. (Available November 1 - April 15).

Horseback Trail Ride

The ACE OF HEARTS RANCH invites you to unwind, forget about traffic and schedules and take in hours of beautiful Florida trails where you can relax, enjoy wild flowers, unforgettable scenery and wildlife while traveling through the many different habitats and terrain’s this area has to offer. This is a great ECO-TOUR, trails last over an hour. $20.00 per person.

Boarding and Overnight Boarding

The ACE OF HEARTS RANCH offers the finest in equestrian boarding. Our stable is equipped with:

organic insect control
rubber stall mats with three feet of stone beneath for excellent drainage
ceiling fans in each stall
automatic watering system, and
indoor wash stalls.
The barn is well lit with each 12’ x 12’ stall having its own window, and concrete isles make for a very clean environment. Your horses will enjoy the special attention they will receive at the ACE OF HEARTS RANCH.

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Directions to Ace of Hearts Ranch

From 50 go east past I-95, go south on 405 to Grissom, south to Ranch Rd, west 1 mile to Bridal Path Lane.

From 528 Beeline- go east to 321 (Titusville exit) turn right on 405, 2/10 of a mile turn right on Grissom, go 3 miles south to Ranch Rd., turn right go 1 mile, turn right on Bridal Path Lane.

Ace of Hearts Ranch
7400 Bridal Path Lane
Cocoa, Florida 32927

Rates and Reservations:
Call: 321 638-0104
FAX: 321 638-0104

The ACE OF HEARTS RANCH invites you to unwind, forget about traffic and schedules, and take in hours of beautiful Florida trails. Here you can relax, enjoy wild flowers, unforgettable scenery and wildlife, while traveling through the many different habitats and terrain’s this area has to offer. The stable is state of the art, and the horses are gentle and well cared for. You will enjoy the country ambiance of wooden rockers, porch swings, and yard gliders. The ranch uses natural landscaping, making a beautiful backdrop for your large group gatherings, wedding, or birthday parties. Hotels and restaurants are within two to five miles. The ranch is minutes away from, Kennedy Space Center, Cocoa Beach, Canaveral National Seashore, Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, Disney World, Orlando, airboat rides, and kayaking. The ACE OF HEARTS RANCH will be the best part of your vacation!

choosing the right cruise

If you like to go on a trip, then cruises are one of those experiences to have at least once in your life. However, the offer is so bloated in recent years that it is necessary to set some criteria to choose the right cruise.

Whether you opt for a Mediterranean cruise, a getaway in the northern seas or a transatlantic trip, here are our tips for a successful cruise!

Which destination ?
It might sound silly, but it’s obviously the first question to ask yourself when you want to go on a cruise. And depending on the answer to this question, the travel experience will absolutely not be the same.

Want to relax, sun and discover superb islands? So head for the Mediterranean or, if your budget is a little bigger, the Caribbean. For a trip closer to nature and to enjoy unforgettable landscapes, some people prefer Nordic cruises, to Scandinavia for example. Today, the trend is even more “extreme”, with an increasingly complete range of polar cruises!

Finally, if we especially have the image of large ships and open sea when we talk about cruises, know that it is also possible to go for a trip along the water on the most beautiful rivers of the planet. In Europe alone, you will be spoiled for choice between the Rhône, the Rhine or the Danube!

The ideal type of boat for your cruise
There are basically two criteria to take into account at this level: the capacity and the style of decoration (luxurious or classic). There are three types of ship: small (with approximately 1,000 passengers) medium (less than 3,000 passengers) and larger (with more than 3,000 passengers).

For each boat there are advantages and disadvantages; the choice will depend on your needs and cruising goals. For example, for a small ship, the atmosphere is quite friendly; getting to know other passengers is easy. It is also much easier to find your way on this kind of boat. But embarking on a large ship is generally the assurance of taking full advantage and enjoying very high-end equipment.

The criteria for choosing your cabin
The cabin will be your private space throughout the trip. The price of the cabins depends on their location, but also on the style of decoration used. Regarding the position on the vessel, it is recommended to avoid potential sources of noise . If you have the option to choose, then opt for cabins that are far from places of attraction or large gatherings such as bars, nightclubs, restaurants, etc.

When it comes to decoration, it’s all about taste and comfort. You have the choice between luxurious or classic suites with or without sea view. We recommend that you opt for a cabin with balcony to be able to enjoy the sea view at any time and in peace. Do not hesitate to treat yourself, because this is your cruise!

A cheap cruise: take advantage of the good deals
Getting involved in such a project and preparing for a cruise can be expensive. However, there are still several ways to cut costs and enjoy your trip without worrying about your banker’s moods.

Because this personal space will be the only one during your entire trip, discover some rules to follow before setting off. Noise, seasickness, panoramas… so many aspects to take into account! We approach this subject of your reservation through 7 practical questions. Of course, the financial aspect can condition the choice of your cabin, but you will see that a few tips will not cost you a euro and will drastically improve the quality of your trip.

Some cruise lines have paid the price, and we will not pick them up. Because noise can be a real handicap for the smooth running of a cruise, all the potential sources of noise pollution on the ship should be taken into account.

It ranges from the nightclub and the noises of the engines to the noises of carts and food falling in restaurants if your cabin is right below. So be sure to select a cabin away from all these activities.

We let you imagine what your stay at sea will be like if you find yourself in the back of the boat near the engines and on a lower deck (at least on slightly older ships, as things have fortunately improved).

Being placed on a lower deck also brings us closer to the shocks of big waves in a storm. Up to you…

Other possible sources of nuisance:

sports Club
the bar and its innumerable comings and goings, and its bottle noises
family suites
crew service entrances and exits
under the bridges on which there are deckchairs (the staff is not always very discreet, especially when they set them up in the morning of - very - early)

A word of advice : opt for a cabin with one cabin above and another below yours! If in doubt, consider earplugs.

Okay, if you’re a bit fussy, and want to save a few square millimeters (let’s get it right, we’re not even talking about square centimeters!), There’s a little trick. If you have one on hand (and have a little time to kill), take a ruler and measure the different cabin sizes on your ship .

A word of advice: don’t call your travel agency to change cabins, the gain will be really ridiculous! But it’s always good to know to shine with other cruise lines, nothing more. Your comfort will not necessarily be increased.

This is the type of particularly unpleasant “surprise” that you can have when you discover your cabin. We thought we had booked a cabin with a view of the sea, ocean, coastline and sunset, and we end up with a huge hull on which the inscription “Rescue” appears in large characters. Not something to feel very relaxed, but above all an unfortunate feeling of having been had. So lock the position of your cabin with your travel agent and / or search for as much information as possible on the cabin that has been assigned to you. Such a sight should not have left the previous tenants of your cabin indifferent and chances are they have voiced their complaints on the Internet.

So of course you don’t have this type of problem with an inside cabin. Some even see advantages like the certainty of having darkness at night (that’s for sure) or saving money compared to a cabin with an exterior view.

A word of advice : each boat is different so get as much information as possible on the Internet!

Over the years and with the new releases of boats from the shipyards, the cabins of the ships have tended to shrink. A new situation that is found on the ground in new constructions, and which can be quite annoying during a trip. Also, be sure to ask for the exact dimensions of your cabin before making your reservation, as overcrowding can clearly ruin a trip. Of course, you do not take a cruise to stay locked in your cabin, but you are also entitled to expect a minimum of space. Opting for a balcony can also give the impression that you have 2 separate rooms.

The price of a cabin varies depending on its location on the boat and its size. The presence of a porthole or even a balcony are also determining criteria. Finally, the height of the cabin on the boat (lower or upper deck) also determines the price. In general, a cabin can accommodate 2 to 4 or even 5 people maximum.

A word of advice : compare the advertised size of your cabin with that of a room in your home to see if you can decently live together for 10 days in such a small space.
Beware of cabins overlooking the places of walks, it may be that the attraction of these passing cruise passengers quickly becomes your interior. Seeing without being seen will therefore be the holy grail that you should look for when booking. This of course concerns the cabins on the lower decks. An aspect that should not be overlooked if you do not want to spend your entire cruise with the curtains closed.

A word of advice : consult the boat plan and the layout of the cabins on the internet! To do this, do not hesitate to look carefully at the technical sheet of your vessel.

It is difficult to ignore this aspect, the potential for nuisance during your trip can be considerable. And all regulars know it, the positioning of your cabin on the boat can clearly increase or decrease your seasickness. Take a few years or even decades in the past and remember your physics and math lessons. To put it simply, there is a specific point on a moving object that experiences less variation than all the others. We can call it barycenter and it is a point of reference which also contributes to the balance of the ship. In short, the closer you are to this point (the center of the ship in this case), the better it will be for passengers sensitive to seasickness. So yes, it will move a little, but much less than elsewhere. Do not forget it,

A word of advice : read our guide to seasickness on a cruise .

We saved the most important tip for last. Because it is obvious that your requirements and characteristics required for your cabin will only have a chance to be met if you have the choice. A cruise agency will be happy to offer you the ideal cabin and will be all the more able to satisfy you as soon as reservations open. It will logically be more complicated for her - and therefore for you - shortly before departure.

Hiking Help for Beginners

Posted by Dale Dunn on Dec 3, 2015 in Hiking | Comments Off on Hiking Help For Beginners

sw_Trail_cvx01299Are you a first-time hiker and looking for ways to somehow prepare for your first ever hiking experience? Well, worry no more, because this article will give every bit of information about what to do and bring, as well as what to expect and wear. Going on a hike is one of the best ways to unwind, forget about stress and be in touch with nature. Most hikers do it regularly because it’s exciting and fun, but the experience might be different for you if you don’t come prepared for what’s coming.

Since it’s your first time going on a hike, it is advised to hike with an experienced hiker or a group of friends that knows the route. Anything can happen to you while walking in the trail, so hiking with a group is not only safer but also because it is much enjoyable. If you don’t know anyone personally, find a hiking group and ask if it’s okay to join them. Also, you might want to consider going on a one time trip, since you’re only a beginner. A distance of 10 miles or lesser is a perfect number for a starter.

If you ever get lost, the first logical thing to do is not to panic. To prevent freaking out, try calming yourself by breathing slowly, eat some food and drink water. Go back to a part of the trail that you can remember clearly and contemplate your options. Think of a plan and go with the one the makes more sense. If it fails, try and try again. Luck is on your side if your phone is charged and available with a signal but if it is not, try other things that could attract attention. Carrying and waving out bright items will make it easier for other people to find you. Also, it’s best to follow the STOP rule: Stop, Think, Observe and Plan.

Camping Insights

So you’re planning for your upcoming camping, are you sure you’re well equipped and ready? Don’t be overwhelmed, camping is very simple and uncomplicated but only if you come prepared. As we all know, camping is becoming more popular these past years, and several group of friends, as well as huge families, choose to go camping to spend quality time with each other. While some people think that camping is a huge waste of time, camping is a good pay to relieve stress and be one with the environment.

Let’s get to the type of camping you’re getting into first. Picking the style of camping will determine that type of kits/essentials you will have to bring.

Festival Camps – usually jam-packed with other campers. Most festival camps have rules regarding your baggage such as cooking gears and tents. Be sure that you check the festival’s rules before heading out.
Wild Camps – are usually not allowed for regular campers, most of the time you will have to ask for permission from the authorities as this could be dangerous.
Glamping – is the camping version of people who wants it the luxurious way. If you don’t like making your own tent or busting to make a comfortable camp. Glamping could be the perfect outdoor activity for you.
Campsite Camps – the most popular camping type for all. The campsite usually consists of a big group of families and friends. Some campsites have facilities like showers, toilets, and washrooms.
Preparing ahead for your upcoming camping is fundamental for every trip. Being equipped with the right supplies can make your escapade 100% better. First and foremost, think about the tent you’re going to bring. Choosing the tent will depend on the people who will reside inside. If you’re going out with a group, it’s best to lay out your plans before going. When shopping for a tent, it’s better to go and see the actual tent to see and test how it’s built and how much capacity it can take.

Practice pitching your tent. This will come handy when the actual day comes, so you know if there are any defects that need fixing.
Check the rules – make sure you are following the rules of the site you’re staying at.
Check all your gear – it’s best to test all your tools and paraphernalia to make sure they’re ready on camping day
Write a list – people are natural at forgetting things. We’re not perfect beings. So it’s best to write all the necessities you can think of. Not sure what these are? Below I’m going to provide lists of possible necessities in your upcoming camping escapade:

Selecting a beautiful trail and hiking on it can be a fascinating experience for those who get the chance. Yet, many don’t and that is because they don’t realize the beauty of doing so. Let’s take a deeper look into what hiking is all about and why it is adored by millions of people around the world. Those who don’t make the most of hiking in nearby trails are not doing as much as they can in life. This is one of those options that is critical when you are trying to enjoy the outdoors and get a bit of an exercise as well.

It all begins with the relationships you are going to be able to build while hiking. Most people are not going to go alone, and that means you get to socialize with others along the way, and that is never a bad thing. You will be able to enjoy the time with those you want to be around, and this is a great chance to learn about one another.

Many couples go down this route as they get to see each other in a whole new light.

The outdoors are wonderful and most people don’t get to enjoy them as much as they should, and that is a shame. It is not just about the weather, but the seasons and how they change, along with all of the wildlife that comes into play as well.

You will truly love what is on offer when you go hiking, and no two experiences are going to be the same. Things are always changing, and that is what makes it exciting even if you keep going back to the same train again and again. The outdoors are great as long as you are willing to give it a shot.

Your health is going to benefit as well because of what hiking has to offer. It is great for the heart, and you are going to get a fair amount of cardiovascular activity from hiking alone. It is also known to help with bone strength as the body is going to be pushed to new limits and it will strength them over time.

It is simply going to let you gain the mobility that is needed from moving around and hiking. It is hard to beat these benefits when it comes to hiking.

Yes, sometimes it is best to simply do something because it is fun as that is going to help you get through with ease. A lot of people do things in life especially for their health that are tough on the mind and not easy. It can end up becoming a chore, and that is when you falter.

Hiking can be fun, and you will be able to get exercise as well at the same time. This is the balance that is hard to find in this day and age. You will love it.

This is what hiking is all about for those who are aiming to venture down this path and want to enjoy everything it has to offer. Those who are not making the most of it are losing out, and that is not a good thing at all. Why not enjoy all that hiking brings to the table? It is one of those options that is always going to be there, and you will have so many trails to select from. It can truly be one of those things that will be a part of your memories for a long time to come.

Day Hike :A day hike for the mainly includes simple, well planned and well-maintained trails. And as the name clearly proposes, this sort can be completed in a day. No requirement for overnight camping arrangements. Day hikes are the ones typically recommended for new hikers.

Guided Hike: Most times, this is just a day hike however can reach out to an entire day or overnight. The main difference is that you have an experienced trail guide who accompanies you all through the trail , indicating out significant spots or views on the trail or explaining the history of the trail.

Backpacking: Otherwise called trekking, backpacking is the sort that includes more time, as a rule a couple of days and evenings on the trail and requires some specific hiking gear. You’ll likewise require more strength and the guts to confront the elements, for example, changing weather, varying terrains, and different trail conditions.

Ultralight Backpacking: This sort continues for several days or more and includes utilizing hiking gear that is lightweight and as few as could be expected under the circumstances. Cautious consideration is given to body weight per hike gear weight, food and water rationing.

Canine Hiking: Just means a hike where you take along your Canine bestfriend with you. Dogs are born adventures exceptionally the Retrievers or most of the bigger dogs. Sufficiently fascinating, gears cater hiker dogs. Lots of canine hikes include seasoned hikers taking along their cherished dogs with them. A dog hiking mate is an altogether different experience.

Snow Hiking: This sort is additionally called snowshoeing or winter hiking. At times, it means twofold the fun of a hike in sunny weather in light of the fact that on top of all that snow ,you get the chance to see animal footprints and get to places that are generally covered with brush.

Desert Hiking: If there’s snow hiking, then there must be desert hiking also. Actually, this sort of climb requires a lot of guts, cautious arranging and preparation and in addition experience. It entails getting yourself in the desert where foot trails rapidly disappear with the shifting sands and your physical stamina and mental abilities are put to the test but it has its peculiar and exhilarating rewards

Mountaineering: Literally means scaling or climbing mountains. Once more, there are gears specific to this sort of activity. Preparing is likewise crucial in this case.

Canyoneering: This sort is similar to mountaineering. Only that this time, you handle canyons on your climb itinerary. It doesn’t require much experience like mountaineering however you get rewarded with spectacular views anyway.

There are a lot of different kinds of hikes. See one that is your taste or preference, get equipped and go on the adventure of a lifetime!