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The Ultimate Guide For Finding The Best Military Watch

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You serve the military and you, therefore, need a good watch that suits you as a military men. You do not need a watch that will keep disturbing you while you are conducting various activities in the work field. There are a number of watches that have been suggested for use in the military.

Here’s our favorite military watch reviewed:

Did you know that military watches have been coming back strong lately? Yes, their popularity is on the rise and should continue for the coming years.

Tactical Watch Basics

image of finding the best military watchThere are a lot of features that the military watch should have. You work heavily in efforts to create peace in the country and you should, therefore, have a watch that has all the details that you need while you are working. You don’t just need a watch that has few features like being waterproof and having an alarm clock.

As a military man you should understand that you are not like those men who wear suits and then go various business proceedings. You require a watch to match your obligations and a good watch that shall keep you in track once you head to work and the various training exercises.

You should understand that there are a lot of military watches and all of them have distinct features that allow one to feel comfortable when they are wearing the watches. Therefore, you will have the chance to select the watch that suits you best and have all the features that you think shall help you when you are at the field working for the nation.

The Military created a well-known MIL-SPEC-SPECIFICATION for the analog Military watches, but there exist no such features in the digital watches. Therefore, before deciding on which Military watch that you are going to purchase, you should make various considerations. You require a watch that is worth the take and one that won`t disappoint you as you carry out various important procedures that aim in bettering your life as you engage in various military activities.

The following is a discussion of the various important features that you will find in a military watch and will be of great help to you.

Physical Characteristics

1. Inverse/ Reverse LCD screen used for stealth – the digits are made up of a lighter color, and the background of the screen is dark.

2. A red backlight is maintained instead of using a red backlight light that degrades the human night vision. This cannot be compared to the other wavelength colors.

3. The carbon and titanium cases are used in the making of these watches and have been found to be long lasting and of light weight.

4. They also have an at least 99m water resistance. These watches are mostly used for the navy seals.

5. The presence of very large depressed buttons that have quite a good textured surface. This shall make you to avoid getting caught in the any webbing straps.

6. They also have the depth meter that turns to be of great help to those working in the navy seals.

7. Bezel marked and containing the various cardinal points that is very important mostly in the instances where you get lost and try to find your way back to your station.

8. A large form factor- This kind of watch shall be needed because having gloves on small watches shall not be of any help.

Hope this military guide has helped your narrow down your search!

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Top 3 US Hiking Destinations

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Malloy Clingman’s Dome in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Clingman's_Dome_Tower_on_a_Sunny,_Snowy_DayAt 6,643 feet, Clingman’s Dome is the highest point on the Appalachian Trail. Starting from the parking lot at Newfound Gap on US Highway 441, it is 7.7 miles to Clingman’s Dome. Cross the highway and descend the steps and you will be transported to woods filled with such mysterious forest creatures and mystifying landscapes you’ll soon expect a hobbit to appear underfoot. The observation tower at Clingman’s Dome will test your fear of heights but the view overlooking the Smoky mountains will take your breath away and give it to God to bless before returning it to you for safekeeping. On a clear day if you’re listening closely you might hear some foggy bottom boys playing banjos and singing spirituals just because.

Pacific Crest Trail, Section G

ssaIn Oregon, lies the G spot of American hiking, Section G of the Pacific Crest Trail. Tickling your fancy for 51.7 miles from Highway 35 by Barlow Pass all the way to the Bridge of the Gods at I-84, this famous stretch will surely reset your spiritual clock a millenium or two. Don’t worry about Mt. St. Helens blowing its top because your mind will already be blown by the view. Seeing it on tv doesn’t do it justice. And the majesty of Mt. Ranier and Mt. Adams is nothing to sneeze at either, which is something you will not be doing because the air is so clear and fresh your sinuses will be cleansed better than Rainbow Brite on an oxygen bender. If you can do it, don’t miss the Eagle Creek Trail as an alternate bypass. The beautiful waterfalls along the way make for a sublime counterpoint to the majestic mountains. The cliff trails are high and the fear is real but this is why you’re there. Overcoming your limitations and recalibrating your mind. Risk your life to save your life.

Harding Icefield Trail, Alaska

hardingicefield_HAGEbjkThe Kenai Fjords National Park is located on the south and east side of the Kenai Peninsula bordering the Gulf of Alaska. It was designated a national park by the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act in 1980. Its 670,000 acres is characterized by abundant wildlife and ice cold waters and thick forests. If you’re a time traveller and the Ice Age was your favorite epoch then you’ll almost be at home since its effects here are resplendent in every direction. Never mind the shrinking glaciers. This four mile hike near Seward begins from the valley floor where your inner meadow lark will be trilling sweet tunes or the Elmer Fudd in you will be hunting rabbits in the forest before ascending above the tree line to the lookout above the Harding Icefield. I will wait a couple of minutes for your jaw to catch up since you dropped it along the way. 40 glaciers covering 300 square miles of ice and snow await your approval. Don’t let the death mask names of Exit Glacier and Resurrection River deter you from hiking this trail but do allow for some caution as the black bear dwells here and is seen daily in these parts.

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Different Types of Hiking You can Choose From

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Ever longed for a hike but wondered whether you had the stamina to finish it? There is no need for worry. There are lots of types of hikes and you can choose some that fits your hiking skills or preferences . Here are some of them:

sub-segment_day-hikeDay Hike :A day hike for the mainly includes simple, well planned and well-maintained trails. And as the name clearly proposes, this sort can be completed in a day. No requirement for overnight camping arrangements. Day hikes are the ones typically recommended for new hikers.

Guided Hike: Most times, this is just a day hike however can reach out to an entire day or overnight. The main difference is that you have an experienced trail guide who accompanies you all through the trail , indicating out significant spots or views on the trail or explaining the history of the trail.

Backpacking Girls in MontanaBackpacking: Otherwise called trekking, backpacking is the sort that includes more time, as a rule a couple of days and evenings on the trail and requires some specific hiking gear. You’ll likewise require more strength and the guts to confront the elements, for example, changing weather, varying terrains, and different trail conditions.

Ultralight Backpacking: This sort continues for several days or more and includes utilizing hiking gear that is lightweight and as few as could be expected under the circumstances. Cautious consideration is given to body weight per hike gear weight, food and water rationing.

Hiking-with-your-Dog-e1426071052677Canine Hiking: Just means a hike where you take along your Canine bestfriend with you. Dogs are born adventures exceptionally the Retrievers or most of the bigger dogs. Sufficiently fascinating, gears cater hiker dogs. Lots of canine hikes include seasoned hikers taking along their cherished dogs with them. A dog hiking mate is an altogether different experience.

Snow Hiking: This sort is additionally called snowshoeing or winter hiking. At times, it means twofold the fun of a hike in sunny weather in light of the fact that on top of all that snow ,you get the chance to see animal footprints and get to places that are generally covered with brush.

Desert Hiking: If there’s snow hiking, then there must be desert hiking also. Actually, this sort of climb requires a lot of guts, cautious arranging and preparation and in addition experience. It entails getting yourself in the desert where foot trails rapidly disappear with the shifting sands and your physical stamina and mental abilities are put to the test but it has its peculiar and exhilarating rewards

mountain-hiking-tipsMountaineering: Literally means scaling or climbing mountains. Once more, there are gears specific to this sort of activity. Preparing is likewise crucial in this case.

Canyoneering: This sort is similar to mountaineering. Only that this time, you handle canyons on your climb itinerary. It doesn’t require much experience like mountaineering however you get rewarded with spectacular views anyway.

There are a lot of different kinds of hikes. See one that is your taste or preference, get equipped and go on the adventure of a lifetime!

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It is important to have the right travel gear for backpacking

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The backpack has become the most important gear to have these days for every outdoor event that requires men and women to carry more than just your car keys and wallet, or for those items you have to take with you on long or short trips that weigh more. In todays fast pace world you will see more people using backpacks for their particular lifestyles and tasks, but when it comes to choosing the backpack that is right for you, the quality of the backpack depends on its performance during the use you intend it for. And when you decide to buy your backpack, you should know what you intend to use it for. There are three main categories when it comes to military backpacks; they are assault packs, full packs, day packs.

PicMonkey CollageDay packs are used for short trips and the weight capacity is low, assault packs are used for events such as mountain climbing, great for weekend recreational trips. A backpack of this type has a weight holding capacity that is a lot greater than the daypack. And for longer trips the full pack is used, and the weight holding capacity is much greater than the assault pack and day pack. Packs come in two main types!
They are internal frame and external frame, the use of the frame in the backpack is it distributes the weight evenly. When it comes to the external frame backpacks they have a large capacity for bulky strap-on items, good ventilation and have a large metal frame to which it is very much secured.

External-Frame-BackpackBut the most popular frame backpack is the internal frame as it allows the weight to be held closer to the body to produce good balance. These types of backpacks have a highly reduced semi-rigid frame in the inside of the pack; they are tight fit and less bouncing and have roomy internal storage. At one time the internal frame backpack suffered from smaller load capacity and less comfortable fit during steady walking, but today newer models have improve greatly in these respects. In addition, because of their snug fit these military backpacks ride better in events that require upper-body movement; such as scrambling over rocky surfaces. These more improved internal frame models have largely replaced the external frame backpacks. In Europe the external frame models are hardly sold anymore, but some manufactures in the U.S. continue to produce them. So when you are ready to shop for the best military backpack make sure you choose the right backpack for your particular lifestyle or need.

dreamstime_xl_31762033For all backpackers, safety is the first consideration and it must be in front of the mind at all times. There can be several hazards in backpacking and a person who does not think about being safe could fall prey. The backpack itself can pose problems if a person does not learn how to fit it and pack it properly. The physical activity can be strenuous and a person must be conditioned to handle walking through uneven and rough terrain. First aid and general wilderness safety is another useful aspect for the backpacker to know. It can be easy to get lost in the wilderness, and getting hurt can happen. So it pays every backpacker to have a good handle on staying safe.

People backpack for different reasons. Some do it for the great exercise, which it is undoubtedly is. Some people like backpacking because of the adventure and love of nature. Others backpack as a way to learn and explore the outdoors. Whatever the reason, there are large and expanding numbers of backpackers. They explore and they love the wilderness, and have the common goal of a getting a good backpacking experience which can provide

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How to Travel Alone and find Adventure Buddies

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Traveling on your own is not always fun, it could actually be a bit gloomy. Having dinner on your own, visiting alone, staying alone in a room in a hotel. I have a collection of steps that I am using to make my trips a fun time, no matter the destination.

1. Activities

First things first, I always pack clothes to work out. All it takes is bringing running shorts, a tshirt and a pair of shoes. This way I am able to leave my room and go outside. I have a purpose. And it will feel reinvigorating to workout and keep healthy, particularly after many hours in an airplane or a vehicle.

2. Eating

Going to a restaurant alone is not the best experience of any trip. Consider taking an occupation with you, so that you can keep busy while you are waiting for your food. Simple ones are bringing a mobile phone, a tablet, an ebook, work, a sheet of paper and a pencil, etc.

3. You are alone, so what?

explore0Part of the stress of being by myself, for me in the beginning, has been to experience loneliness. I also had this feeling that most people were scrutinizing me. I do think it comes from the simple fact that I spent quite a lot of time looking at people passing by as I was bored, therefore I had the feeling that people were doing the same thing by looking at me. Strange perhaps, nevertheless that is my experience. The only chance to pull through this is definitely to rationalize. Is everybody watching me? Of course not, they have more interesting activities than just observing my every move.

You are by yourself, so what? Numerous persons are on their own, the only real problem is boredom, being on your own is not the real problem.

4. Hotel Room

hotel_room_door_cnt_13may11_istock_bA hotel can be both a refuge and a prison. In case you enjoy staying at your hotel and watching television or maybe surfing the web or maybe working, wonderful. But otherwise steer clear of the mistake of being in your room and getting bored. The most effective way to fight this is to go outside. Go visit the city. You are in a new place, take advantage of that. Take your camera, step out and visit.

5. Sightseeing

maxresdefaultSightseeing, that is appealing. How should I start? This is a great question. Check with the hotel staff, I would bet they can direct you toward the very best points of interest in the vicinity of the hotel.

It is important to get all your documents sorted before setting off on your holidays. This will make boarding and the rest of your trip run smoothly as you will have all your important documents handy and prepared. The documents that you need are your passport, boarding tickets, money in foreign currency and Travel insurance documents.

When you are travelling, it is a good idea to ask questions and get directions if you are unsure about something. It is a good idea to ask tourist information as they are there to help you and give you guidance on how to have a great holiday. You may also want to pick up some maps for extra help when you’re out and about. You can find tourist information points at airports, train stations, hotels and in local tourist information centres’. Most places have information services but it is also a good idea to ask members of staff at the hotel.

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Faster Horseback Riding Instruction Tips

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When it comes to horseback riding, the right safety equipment is quite necessary along with required skills and proficiency. Read this article and learn how riding tips, blending with right kind of apparel, help give you the thrilling experience of horseback riding.

Once upon a time horses were used as a mode of transportation but in the modern world they are used for recreation or professional riding. One thing that is in common with those bygone days and the current tech-based era is the reed for skill and proficiency in horseback riding. Blending the correct skills and proficiency with the right safety equipment, you can make your horse riding enjoyable and safe.

horseback-ridingWatching someone trot away on the horseback, it undoubtedly brings to mind the desire to have this beautiful beast a part your routine. Horse riding is one of the popular recreation activities worldwide. Apart from various physical benefits like good exercise, control over body movements, flexibility and knowledge of body posture, it helps to teach behavior control, reduce stress and develop a friendly relationship with animals.

0036207_BLACKCHARCOALHorseback Riding Tips for Beginners, it is beneficial to learn this sport under the guidance of an expert instructor. Never try a horse by yourself as it is dangerous. Before starting your ride, it is vital to wear correct clothing to avoid possible injury. The right clothing includes stretchable full length pants, comfortable shirt or t-shirt, boots specially made for horse riding, gloves and most importantly a helmet. It could be dangerous to approach the horse suddenly from the front. Make your attempt from the side so that the horse will be aware of your presence. Don’t attempt trail riding until you become comfortable with the horse and all needed skills required for it. Begin with a walk and increase the speed slowly. While riding a horse, it is advised to keep your shoulders perpendicular to the horse’s back and your face facing front. Ear, shoulder hip and back of heal in a vertical line.

Horse Riding BootsAs discussed earlier, riding apparel is an important consideration during the horseback ride no matter it is for recreation or the professional ride. Wearing a helmet is quite important as the rider’s head is always at high risk. Available in a variety of colors and designs, you could purchase the helmets as per your buying needs. Always avoid buying a used helmet as the inner lining of helmets gets destroyed which is important to protect the head and make the riding comfortable. For ladies, breaches are must to wear providing you comfort and safety along with a great sense of smartness and style. The next accessory you should consider while riding a horse is the pair of equestrian boots. These are sold in several styles and colors you can choose from. They provide a professional look and keep your feet safe. Pick up a pair matching your riding discipline, lifestyle and personality.

If you are really in the mood for a great horseback ride, purchase some good quality English riding apparel to keep your ride safe and enjoyable.

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5 Tips that will make your Hiking and Backpacking Easier

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Hiking and backpacking are hard, not only on the body but the mind. Sure, there is a sense of pleasure to be taken from venturing out into the wild and enjoying the wonders of nature. However, one is discouraged against making light of the challenges involved with hiking and backpacking, especially when sojourning through foreign territory.

+5 Tips that will make your Hiking and Backpacking Easier

Most beginners tend to make a number of erroneous presumptions about backpacking and hiking; in fact, the majority rarely thinks of it as anything more than walking.

hiking_panorama_sillouetteAnd walking is just that, walking; hardly the sort of thing one should fret over. However, considering the terrain in question, hiking can present all manner of challenges to the unprepared, some tips that are bound to simplify one’s efforts to hike and backpack successfully including the following:


tired_hiker_2_by_ruokdbz98-d36l060Hiking is indeed just a matter of walking; however you have to keep in mind the considerable distances you have to cover, and the difficult terrain you will have to struggle over in your efforts to reach your destination.

Few things are as dangerous as finding yourself in the vast and empty wilderness, lost, confused and unable to continue because you are in less than optimum physical condition.

As such, anyone considering backpacking is encouraged to create and pursue a rigid training exercise, building up the necessary strength and endurance levels required to contend with the difficulties of hiking over long distances without attracting injury.

-Pack Light

This seems like an obvious issue to remember; however most people are so busy trying to ensure they have every item they think they might need on their trip that they rarely stop to consider the weight of their backpack.

Fit or not, a heavy pack is going to take its toll on you physically. Endeavor to keep your pack as light as possible.

-Walk Early.

Try to get as much hiking done during the cool hours of the morning (though the evening is just as suitable); the heat of summer afternoons, especially in mid-latitude mountain ranges, will amplify your fatigue. Admittedly, not everyone likes waking up early. However, it is within your best interests to minimize your exposure to the afternoon heat.


Endeavor to snack consistently as you walk; this will require you to keep a healthy quantity of snacks like dried fruit and bars on hand and within easy reach. Your mind tends to register hunger long after your body has depleted its energy reserves. And you don’t want to let your gas tank run low while trying to hike. Maintain your energy reserves by snacking even as you walk.


Hiking-PolesEven the most experienced backpackers in the world endeavor to use poles on their journeys. Why? Poles reduce the cumulative fatigue on muscles and joints. Whether you are going up and down, and especially if you are carrying a load, poles will make your life significantly easier while hiking and backpacking.

More importantly, you are less likely to trip and fall, which is a good thing in a situation where medical assistance is so far away.

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